The human body naturally restores and regenerates - find out more.

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"Your essence is gold, hidden in dust." ~Rumi

The human body has awe-inspiring ways that it restores and regenerates itself. When we are young, our bodies easily restore and rejuvenate at a cellular level daily.

Like a butterfly, our bodies can go through a complete transformation and metamorphosis every seven years.

However, as we age we accumulate toxins, viral reactions, inflammation, parasites, bacterial overgrowth, arterial plaque…and a whole host of other challenges that block the body’s natural ability to renew and refuel itself.

That fuel is called ATP, and it is produced by the mitochondria.

When these power centers get bogged down with overload, your energy drops, your health suffers, pain increases, and just overall you feel “old.”

But what if I told you there are ways to help restore the function to the mitochondria and completely renew your entire body?

Total mind and body renewal can be attained!

Seven surprisingly simple tips for helping your body achieve total renewal

  1. Get plenty of sleep (8 hours for most people)
  2. Drink lots of pure, filtered, structured water (nearly everyone is dehydrated)
  3. Eat nourishing foods that heal your gut and can be easily digested (Start with my Nourishing Cleanse for ideas)
  4. Move your body (even short ten minute walks. Start somewhere, anywhere).
  5. Turn off the news and negative media (try to keep your thoughts and feelings positive whenever possible)
  6. Laugh as much as you can (watch funny movies, have fun with friends, read some joke books, whatever cracks you up)
  7. Supplement with nutrition specially targeted for mitochondrial renewal (My Total Mind & Body Upgrade formula was created specifically for this purpose).

Make the commitment to yourself to help your body enjoy vital health. Life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest. You can’t do that if you are exhausted and depleted. It took a while to get to this point. It may take a little while to have a complete renewal. That’s why I’m here to help you take back your power of life that is your birthright as a unique human being on this planet.

With the power of life itself,


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